Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Kids summer crafts house project: Made with juice box

Hi, guys today I am going to make another summer crafts for kids using the juice box.
I hope kids will like it. Let's get started.
Warnings: I used hot glue, but for kids, I would say please take adult help while you are working with hot glue and while using a sharp knife.
1) 10x10 canvas
2) Acrylic paint
3) Oil Pastel
4) Markers or sharpie
5) Construction paper
6) Empty juice box
7) Popsicles sticks
8) Air dry clay
9) Glue
Making crafts:
First, cut the juice box in half and clean it. Then cover the juice box using white paper.I am keeping that straw as house chimney And then color the house. Draw the door and windows and roof tiles. Then fill the canvas background using acrylic color. And attached the house to the canvas using glue. Now using oil pastel fill the construction paper and cut it for using as trees. And using markers draw the tree branch. Then make the fence using popsicles sticks. Draw some flowers on the front yard. Make a trail using construction paper. Then I made tiny stone using air dry clay, which I used on both sides of the trail. We are done.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Flamingo: kids summer crafts

Summer is coming, I made this crafts for kids for this summer. So, kids can enjoy their summer making crafts and have fun. For this craft, materials you need, listed below
1) Chenille Stems
2) Poster board (I cut in half 7x11)
3) Acrylic color
4) Feather
5) Pompom
6) For eye and I used paper and colored it.
7) Glue

First, we will paint with acrylic color sky and sea. Then using chenille, we will make the flamingo head body and legs. Then we will stick it to the poster board. Then on the flamingo body, we will add a feather and pompom. Then we will draw the eye and beak and stick it to the flamingo body. Then we will make the sun and palm tree using chenille. And attach to the poster board.
And we are done.

Monday, April 9, 2018

ChalkOla Markers unboxing and review

This is the first time I am making a review video. This video is not a paid video. Chalkola asks me to try their product and give them a genuine feedback. This is the first time I am using any chalk markers. My kids love this product. And this product is best for Teachers, Mom, Chalk Artists, DIY Styles and obviously for kids also.

All Information is written on the box:

This pack contains 15 chalk pens + 6 metallic markers. This marker you can use on all non-porous surfaces like a car and home windows, wine glass, chalkboards, whiteboards, plastic. They have 6mm reversible tip. And this product is child safe, water-based, nontoxic, washes off from clothes. And it’s low odor, acid-free, xylene free, quick dry, long-lasting.

How to use:

1) Shake well with cap on and up-right, Remove cap. (30 seconds)

2) Press the tip to and fro multiple times to quickly get the ink flowing.

3) To wash off you must use a wet cloth or Windex.

Guys if you want to buy Chalkola markers, you can go to www.chalkola.com or Amazon.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Butterfly life cycle for kids :Metamorphosis

Hi, I made this butterfly life cycle project for kids. You can use it for school science project or
You can use it as teaching your toddler how butterfly life cycle works. It’s very quick and simple
Project for kids. And you need very basic things for making this project.
What you need for this project:
1)Artificial butterfly (you can make it at home also.Like you can draw on construction paper or foam sheet) Well I got this butterfly on Dollar tree store.
2)Artificial leaves or plastic leaves(as said before you can easily make it at home using construction paper or foam sheet)
3) Faux snow (very tine styrofoam ball)I used it as butterfly eggs
4)Green small pompoms for caterpillar
5)Very small tree branch part
6)And for butterfly chrysalis, I used a plastic paper and inside I put another butterfly for realist look.
7)Paper plate
Well for this project most of the material available in Dolar tree.But you can make your own butterfly and leaves also handmade using construction paper or foam sheet.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Unicorn Lamp Shade DIY

I made this beautiful unicorn lamp shade.I want to share with you guys.I am happy with the finishing look.It's turned out beautiful.This lamp base and lamp shade available in Five Below. Lamp base is $5 and shade is $3.
For this project what you need:
1) Lamp base
2) Lampshade (white)
3) Felt(flower and leaves)
4) Tulle Fabric
5) Foam sheet(White, pink and glitter foam sheet ) Ear and horn
6) Sharpie (Black) for eyelash
7) For Blush, I used pink oil pastel
8) Hot glue
 First, we make the flower and leaves using felt then cut the foam sheet, and make unicorn ears, and horn. Then using hot glue we will attach all the flowers, leaves, ears and horn. Then using sharpie we will draw the eyelash. And I used pink oil pastel for Blush. Then using hot glue we will attach the tulle fabric to the lampshade as shown in the video. Then we have to cut the excess tulle from the inside of the lampshade.We are done. Beautiful Unicorn lampshade is ready.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Spring Crafts for Kids: Cute Bunny

Spring break will start soon.I made this spring craft for kids.This is very easy and fun project.I hope kids will enjoy spring with making the craft and having fun.
1) Paper Plate
2) Color Tissue
3) Pompoms
4) Cotton swab
5) Chenille Stems
6) Felt
7) Glue
8) Hot Glue
9) Black beads
Let's get started. First, apply glue on the plate and then apply the light blue tissue paper for sky and green and few yellow for the ground.Then make the daisy flower using pompom and cotton swabs. I used green chenille stems for the flower stem. Using pompom I made the bunny, for bunny ears and nose I used felt. For bunny eyes, I used black beads.For the tail, I used very tiny pompom.And I made the sun using orange and yellow chenille stem. I hope you will like my video. Thanks for watching.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Needle felting bird DIY: Chickadee

Hi, today I am going to show you how to make needle felting bird.
I made a Chickadee bird.This is my second project on needle felting.This project is easy and super fun. But I would not recommend this project for kids. This project is not for kids.
You need to be very careful while needle felting or serious accident can happen.So be careful while doing the project.For this needle felting project all the needle felting kit and felting wools I bought from Amazon.
Material :
1Felting needle
2 Felting pad
3)Felting Wool
4) Wire (For bird leg)
5) Black beads or eye (For birds eye)
6)Foam ball(For birds body)
7)Hot glue
First I used 2 foam balls one is big another one is little smaller then I joined it together as birds head and body then I wrap the wool to it and using needle make the bird body shape. Then separately make the beaks, wings, and tail with wool. And then joined the beaks, tail, and wings to the body. Then using that wire makes bird legs and attached that legs to the bird's body.And then using that black beads make the bird's eyes.
And you are done your project is ready.
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kids Paper Craft Tucan: Fun craft for kids

I made this Papercraft tucan for kids.This is very easy and fun project. I hope kids will love it.You can make it as kids arts and craft themed birthday party.Let's get started.For this project, material list is bellow.

1)Colored Tissue
2)Construction Paper
3)Paper Plate
4)Chenille Stems
5)Googly Eye
6)Acrylic Paint
7)Mod Podge
8)Hot Glue
9)Cardboard Paper or Cereal box
10)Sharpie black

I used a cereal box and cut it.And I draw a Tucan on it.Then I applied mod podge, using the colored tissue I painted the tucan and I used the googly eye for the tucan eye.Then using a black Sharpie I draw the outline of the tucan.Then with scissors cut the outline of the tucan.Then I painted the paper plate using acrylic paint. I used 4 brown color chenille stems and twisted them and make the shape of a tree branch.Then using hot glue I attached the tree branch to the paper plate. Then I attached the tucan. I used construction paper for making tropical flower and leaves which I cut it and using hot glue attached to the tree branch.Now we are done our project is ready.
I hope you enjoy this video.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Social media Inspired DIY Headband: Needle Felting

This is my first-time needle felting project. I try to make it simple and fun.Inspired by social media logo.
Project materials:
1)Foam Pad
2)Felting Needles
3)Fibre Wool Roving For Needle Felting
4) Metal headband
5) Hot glue
In this video, I will show you only 2 logo making, It's not possible to show all the logo making, otherwise, the video will be longer and you will get bored.This is for social media lover ;)

Monday, December 4, 2017

Mini Wreath Christmas gift DIY

I made this mini wreath Christmas gift. You can gift to your teacher. I love it. it's simple and easy. It doesn't cost much. especially I bought those buttons from JoAnn store.
1) Felt
2) Floral wire
4) wool/ribbons
5) Matte Netting
6) Sequin
7) Chenille Stems
8) Fancy Buttons
9) Popsicle stick
10) Hot glue

How to make:
First, we take the floral wire and make a small circle shape and cut it. Then we will wrap the circle with chenille stems. Then we will cut the small small pieces of leaves from the felt and attached it to the circle. Then we will attach the wool for hanging. Then we will make a tiny bow with red netting and attach it. Then we will decorate the mini wreath with fancy buttons and sequin. And last, attach the popsicle to the back of the mini wreath. And write down the of your loved one whom you want to give this tiny cute little gift.