Monday, December 4, 2017

Mini Wreath Christmas gift DIY

I made this mini wreath Christmas gift. You can gift to your teacher. I love it. it's simple and easy. It doesn't cost much. especially I bought those buttons from JoAnn store.
1) Felt
2) Floral wire
4) wool/ribbons
5) Matte Netting
6) Sequin
7) Chenille Stems
8) Fancy Buttons
9) Popsicle stick
10) Hot glue

How to make:
First, we take the floral wire and make a small circle shape and cut it. Then we will wrap the circle with chenille stems. Then we will cut the small small pieces of leaves from the felt and attached it to the circle. Then we will attach the wool for hanging. Then we will make a tiny bow with red netting and attach it. Then we will decorate the mini wreath with fancy buttons and sequin. And last, attach the popsicle to the back of the mini wreath. And write down the of your loved one whom you want to give this tiny cute little gift.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Chenille stems bangles DIY

Chenille stems bangles DIY.
I just wanted to make something funny and super quick craft.It is very easy. For making this bangles it's cost me only 2$. I love this bright colors.I love my bangles.
1) Floral wire
2) Chenille Stems
3) Nose Pillar
How to make:
This floral wire is soft you can easily bend with your hand. make circle shape and measure if it is fitting to your hand. Then cut it with nose pillar. Then wrap wire circle with chenille stems.
 And you are done. You can make as many you can, and choose your colors.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

DIY Paper Plate Photo Frame:Photo frame using paper plate

Hi, Guys I made this Photo frame using paper plates. In my previous project, I have made paper plate lamp, It's awesome. It's very easy quick also very low cost and super fun. I saw this square paper plate in Dollar Tree. Then I got the idea of making the lamp and the photo frame. I really love the final look of the photo frame I am very excited to share with you. This photo frame I decorate as seasonal, you can decorate with your own imagination as you like. And don’t forget to watch my, another project Paper plate lamp, link is here:

DIY paper plates lamp: Making lamp using paper plates

Hi, Guys I made this lamp using paper plates. It's awesome. It's very easy quick also very low cost and super fun. I saw this square paper plate in Dollar Tree. Then I got the idea of making the lamp. I really love the final look of the lamp. I am very excited to share with you. And I am going to make another project using this plate. So, don't forget to watch my other project too. Here is the link of paper plate photo frame:

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fawn Deer Headband DIY

Here I will show how to make cute fawn deer headband. I made this for my daughter’s school Halloween party. I used felt and chenille stems for this headband. I bought 20 pc of metal headband from Amazon cost around $7.99. Let's get started.




2)Chenille Stems

3)Metal headband

4)Hot glue

Step 1:
First, download the felt pattern, if you like. Because it has drawn by hand so it’s not so perfect. And then cut the felt using that pattern.
Step 2: Making Ear and Horn:
First, take both ears and stick it to the headband, and then stick the small ears felt cut. For, making horn use 2 chenille stems attach with the headband and twist it as shown in the video to make it look like a deer horn.I used little glue so it can stick properly
Step 3: Flowers:
In that pattern, you can find 4 different type of flowers pattern, and you can see I mention 01,02,03and 04 flowers pattern, cut your Felt like shown in the pattern. Flower 01 is easy, take 2 pieces and stick together and take another 1/2inch by 3.5inch strap and roll it and stick to the flower’s middle. Flower 01 and flower 02 is the same process. Flower 03, start rolling from the end of the circle, roll it till the end and stick back with glue. Flower 04 is same as 03.
Step 4: Finishing:

Now we need to stick all the flowers and leaves to the headband with glue and all the flowers backside need to secure with glue and small cut pieces of Felt. So it won’t fell off from the headband. Now you are done.

Monday, October 2, 2017

How to make Felt Mermaid Doll

I made this cute felt mermaid doll. In this tutorial, I will show you how, easy one by one steps.
I made this doll’s pattern also if you like, you can download from my blog link:

I will try to show you dolls body, makeup, dress, hair all this thing in one video.
So, let’s get started. Here is the list, what material you need for this project.
1) Felts
2) Polyfill
3) Needle and thread
4) Wool
5) Black fabric paint
6) Hot glue
7) Pink blush or lipstick (for doll's makeup)
Doll's Body Parts:
First, I draw the doll patterns and I scan them too for uploading. Then using my pattern, I cut my felt as doll's body shape.2 head parts and 2 body parts 4 hands part and 2 tail parts.
Stitching Doll's Body Part:
Now I stitched two head parts together and keep the little gap for filling. Then I stitched other body parts too same way, and keep the little gap. Then I filled head, body, hands and tail part with this poly-fil and make it like a doll shape.
Finishing Doll's Body:
After filling with Poly-fill all body parts, we need to join all the body parts by stitching. First, attach the tail by stitching to the body. Then attach the head to the neck area and stitch it. Then attach the hands to the body.
 Doll's Makeup:
I used the black fabric paint for doll’s eyes and lip, and I used my pink lipstick for doll's makeup. Just little touch-up cheeks area.
Making Doll's Dress:
Doll’s dress pattern also includes in the draft. For the upper part cloth, there is front part and 2 straps. So, we need to sew one strap for back and another strap from neck area and your upper dress is ready you decorate it with anything. I decorate with green and blue color small felt. Now we will finish the tail. So first I used a waist belt to the body and tail join are. And the for the fish scales I cut felt small pieces and stick with glue to the tail. So, our doll’s dress is ready now.
Making Doll's Hair:
For making doll’s hair I used wool. So first layered the chunk of wool horizontally and then from the middle vertically I put hot glue line, then on that line, I put one wool thread one line and the fold the layer of wool and stick together as you can see in my video. And then take the wool layer and stick it to the doll’s head. Again, take few wool layer and stick it to the dolls forehead area for hair front layers style. Then take the front hair and twist it and take it to back and tie it with a hair elastic.
Now it's done doll is totally ready.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

How to make 3D Solar System Project for Kids

I made this solar system 3d model for my kid. So, she can understand better and can remember all the planets name. It's easy and fun. Anyone can make it at home.

For this project what you need:
1) Foam balls (Different size for all the planets and the sun)
2) Black Foamboard
3) Acrylic paint
4) Hot glue
5) foam sheet
6) white chalk
  At first, I colored all the foam balls for making planets and the sun with acrylic paint. And for Saturn ring, I used foam sheet and colored it with acrylic paint and glue it to the Saturn.

Now I cut the foam board (11x20 inch) 1 piece,
 (3x11 inch) 2 pieces, (3x20 inch) 2 pieces.
Then join together as shown in the video and make it like box

Now paint with acrylic color using tissue paper so it will create a texture. Then take a toothbrush dip into white paint and sprinkle with your finger for more realistic look. Then using chalk draw the line of the orbit of the planets. And then stick all the Planets and the Sun using hot glue. Now your 3D Solar system is done.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How to make Toilet paper roll pencil case

Making pencil case from toilet paper roll, it's really exciting. It's easy and low cost. And it's a good gift idea for kids.

Material you need for this project:
1) 2 toilet paper roll
2)felt (yellow, pink, light brown, black)
3) acrylic paint (yellow)
4) glue

How to make:
First, we will take 2 tissue roll one is the lower part of the pencil case and other is for the upper part. Then take a pencil and measure the height and cut the roll.
Then the small part of the tissue roll needs cut and rejoin and then put inside the lower part of the case and glue it. Then take a hard paper and cut it  2 circle shape and a cone shape. That circle shape glues it with the lower part of the case and the upper part of the case. Then the cone shape needs to attach to the upper part of the case.
Now our pencil case base is ready, we need do the outer part.

So now we will take the light brown felt and glue it to the cone shape and take a small black felt glue it on the cone. Then rest of the 2 parts need to cover with yellow felt. So upper part should look like a pencil, then lower part bottom area we will use pink and gray felt so it will look like an eraser. Then we need color the inside of the pencil case with yellow acrylic color and dry it. And you are done. Your pencil case is ready.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Back to School: Notebook Pencil Case_No sew

Now it’s time for back to school. Here I will show you how to make no sew notebook pencil case. It’s very fun project. I am sure Kids gonna love this pencil case.
Let’s get started.
Material you need for this project:
1) White fabric 9x12
2) Felt (Yellow, Pink, Grey, Light Brown, Black)
3) Cotton thread (Red, Blue, Black), needle
4) Zipper
5) Hot glue

At first, I am gonna make the rule on the white fabric using the ruler so it can look like notebook paper. Then for the border rule, I did stem stitch using red thread and the rest is the blue thread. When you finished stitching it will look like the notebook. For finishing look cut 3 circle small tiny pieces of felt and glue it on to the fabric so it can look like notebook paper hole.
Pencil, Eraser, Ruler:
Then take the yellow felt and cut it shape like the pencil and light brown for the wood area, then small tiny black felt for pencil nib, gray and pink felt used in the back of pencil eraser. Then glue it together so it can look like the pencil. Cut the pink felt into small rectangular shape for the eraser. Take the light brown felt and cut it ruler shape and stitch with black thread, it will look like ruler as you can see in my video.
Making the pencil case:
Now we will take the white notebook fabric and glue on it pencil eraser and ruler using hot glue.
Then you can write your name with stitching. Now decorating done. Then we will take the white notebook fabric and fold it 4 sides about half an inch using hot glue. Then we will attach the zipper with the upper and lower part of the fabric as you can see in my video. Then we will secure the both side using hot glue. Now your notebook pencil case is done.
Hope you like it. Please subscribe my channel.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

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