Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kids Summer Crafts_Diorama: made with Shoe box,Straw and Pompoms

So many viewers requested for kid's crafts video. So here is my video for all my viewers. I hope you will like this video too. Thanks for watching my video and inspiring me.
Kids Summer Crafts_Diorama

Project materials list:
1) Shoe Box (for making Diorama)
2) Straw (for making bamboo)
3) Pompoms (for making Panda)
4) Floral moss (for making ground)
5) Construction paper (for making bamboo leaves)
6) Glue
7) Felt (for making panda's eyes and nose)
8) Acrylic color

Steps as shown in the video:
1. First, you need a shoe box or cookie box or any cardboard box for making this diorama. And cut the box as you can see in the video.
2. Then using acrylic color paint the background.
3. Then color the straw using acrylic color so it looks like bamboo. And make some bamboo leaves using construction paper.
4. Now using hot glue stick all the bamboos to the diorama.
5. I used tacky glue on the ground and then stick the moss to the ground. 
6. Now using pompoms make the panda. And place it on the ground. 

Now you are done. You can obviously add something else from your imagination to give a perfect look as you want.

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