Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How to make Toilet paper roll pencil case

Making pencil case from toilet paper roll, it's really exciting. It's easy and low cost. And it's a good gift idea for kids.

Material you need for this project:
1) 2 toilet paper roll
2)felt (yellow, pink, light brown, black)
3) acrylic paint (yellow)
4) glue

How to make:
First, we will take 2 tissue roll one is the lower part of the pencil case and other is for the upper part. Then take a pencil and measure the height and cut the roll.
Then the small part of the tissue roll needs cut and rejoin and then put inside the lower part of the case and glue it. Then take a hard paper and cut it  2 circle shape and a cone shape. That circle shape glues it with the lower part of the case and the upper part of the case. Then the cone shape needs to attach to the upper part of the case.
Now our pencil case base is ready, we need do the outer part.

So now we will take the light brown felt and glue it to the cone shape and take a small black felt glue it on the cone. Then rest of the 2 parts need to cover with yellow felt. So upper part should look like a pencil, then lower part bottom area we will use pink and gray felt so it will look like an eraser. Then we need color the inside of the pencil case with yellow acrylic color and dry it. And you are done. Your pencil case is ready.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Back to School: Notebook Pencil Case_No sew

Now it’s time for back to school. Here I will show you how to make no sew notebook pencil case. It’s very fun project. I am sure Kids gonna love this pencil case.
Let’s get started.
Material you need for this project:
1) White fabric 9x12
2) Felt (Yellow, Pink, Grey, Light Brown, Black)
3) Cotton thread (Red, Blue, Black), needle
4) Zipper
5) Hot glue

At first, I am gonna make the rule on the white fabric using the ruler so it can look like notebook paper. Then for the border rule, I did stem stitch using red thread and the rest is the blue thread. When you finished stitching it will look like the notebook. For finishing look cut 3 circle small tiny pieces of felt and glue it on to the fabric so it can look like notebook paper hole.
Pencil, Eraser, Ruler:
Then take the yellow felt and cut it shape like the pencil and light brown for the wood area, then small tiny black felt for pencil nib, gray and pink felt used in the back of pencil eraser. Then glue it together so it can look like the pencil. Cut the pink felt into small rectangular shape for the eraser. Take the light brown felt and cut it ruler shape and stitch with black thread, it will look like ruler as you can see in my video.
Making the pencil case:
Now we will take the white notebook fabric and glue on it pencil eraser and ruler using hot glue.
Then you can write your name with stitching. Now decorating done. Then we will take the white notebook fabric and fold it 4 sides about half an inch using hot glue. Then we will attach the zipper with the upper and lower part of the fabric as you can see in my video. Then we will secure the both side using hot glue. Now your notebook pencil case is done.
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kids Crafts_Paper Pond

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kids Summer Crafts_Diorama: made with Shoe box,Straw and Pompoms

So many viewers requested for kid's crafts video. So here is my video for all my viewers. I hope you will like this video too. Thanks for watching my video and inspiring me.
Kids Summer Crafts_Diorama

Project materials list:
1) Shoe Box (for making Diorama)
2) Straw (for making bamboo)
3) Pompoms (for making Panda)
4) Floral moss (for making ground)
5) Construction paper (for making bamboo leaves)
6) Glue
7) Felt (for making panda's eyes and nose)
8) Acrylic color

Steps as shown in the video:
1. First, you need a shoe box or cookie box or any cardboard box for making this diorama. And cut the box as you can see in the video.
2. Then using acrylic color paint the background.
3. Then color the straw using acrylic color so it looks like bamboo. And make some bamboo leaves using construction paper.
4. Now using hot glue stick all the bamboos to the diorama.
5. I used tacky glue on the ground and then stick the moss to the ground. 
6. Now using pompoms make the panda. And place it on the ground. 

Now you are done. You can obviously add something else from your imagination to give a perfect look as you want.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

How to revamp your old shoe

If you have old shoes in your closet and you feel boring to wearing it?
Give them a new look.

What you need for this project:
1) pompoms
2) felt sheet
That's it. Spending few bucks you can get an absolutely new looking shoe

Friday, May 12, 2017

Hummingbird Swing

I know hummingbird lovers always love hummingbird swing. Me too. Before I made one hummingbird swing but that time I did not make any video or documentation.But you might have seen that pic on Pinterest. So now I decided to make one again.
What you need for this project:
1)      Floral wire 14 gauge
2)      Colorful foam sheets
3)      Beads
4)      Floral wire 24 gauge
5)      Ladybug button (any crafts store button section you can got this)
6)      Floral Tape
7)      Glue

Friday, May 5, 2017

Faux window with flower box-wall décor: Mother’s Day gift

Faux window with flower box-wall décor: Mother’s Day gift
I always love the idea of the window with flower box. It always looks pretty. From there I got the idea. And it is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. I did not spend much here. I used cardboard which is easily available at home. For making the window I used the popsicle stick and for the window glass, I used clear plastic food container. 

What you need for this project:
1) Cardboard 8x12 inch 3 pieces
2) Cardboard 2x8 inch 1 piece
3) Styrofoam 2x8 inch 1 piece
4) popsicle sticks 8 inch
5) Acrylic color (white and blue)
6) disposable clear plastic food containers
7) white cotton fabric 4x8 inch 2 pieces
8) ribbon 12 inch
9) glue

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Forget me not/myosotis flower headband

How to make forget me not flower headband.I can show you an easy and simple way.
What you need for this project:
1) felt(blue and white)
2) beads(yellow)
3) elastic ribbon
4) glue
How to make:
First, you need to cut the blue and white felt as shown in the video.I have pre-cut all the felt as flower shape.Then using glue stick the white felt on the top of the blue felt as shown in the video.Then using glue stick the yellow bead on top of the white felt as you can see in the video. So you see making this flower is very easy.
Now you need measure and cut the elastic ribbon which should fit your head.Then using glue join the both edges of the elastic.
Then using glue you need to stick all the flower on the elastic ribbon as you can see in the pic. And you are done.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cloud and rain earrings: How to make

How to make Cloud and rain earrings.It's easy and funny.And low cost too.I used foam sheets and cotton so obviously it's light weight.

What you need for this project:
1) cotton
2) crystal beads
3) jump rings
4) fish hook ear wires findings
5) white foam sheet
6) light blue cotton thread
7) glue

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How to Make Cotton Swabs Earrings

How to make Cotton swabs earrings, this is very easy and low-cost project.And very fun to make.And the earrings is looking pretty good.
What you need for this project:
1) cotton swabs
2) hard paper (I used cotton swabs box) or you can use cardboard
3) stud earrings findings Round
4) pearl beads